Broken Chains buzz cut


In my years ministering alongside Baptists, I’ve learned one thing is always true: When Baptists are challenged, they step forward, whether they are remodeling a home, supporting disaster relief or sharing their faith. That proved true again at Broken Chains Freedom Church in Wichita Falls where Pastor Roy Boswell put his hair on line for the cause of Christ.

If 200 people came to the church’s Friday night service, the pastor pledged to let the congregation give him a “buzz cut.” Needless to say, he is a bit more aerodynamic today than he was before the service. More than 220 people turned out of the service and heard the gospel and listened to testimonies of how God was working in people’s lives.

The church baptized one person, saw another come to Christ for the first time. Several other people asked how they could get plugged into the congregation.

Things are happening, and God’s kingdom is growing.

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One Response to “Broken Chains buzz cut”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    I want to encourage senior pastors of all kinds of churches–new or old–everywhere to offer to do the same thing; after Sunday School done right, pastors getting buzzed on high-attendance days is the best way to swell the crowd size. And, anyway, hair is ‘way over-rated!

    ‘Way to go, Broken Chains!

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