Putting evangelism first


Jon Randles shared this dispatch with me the other day from Northeast Texas. It sounds like great things are happening in Longview.

First Baptist Church in Longview has a rich history of ministry in Northeast Texas. Through time a focus on evangelism had been lost as this significant church was involved in many other worthy ministries in their community and throughout the region. “We made a decision to put intentional evangelism back in a position of priority at FBC and Texas Hope 2010 was a perfect vehicle to implement what was a big part of our vision,” says Dr. Tim Watson, pastor. “We are doing many great ministry things and we want evangelism to be one of them.”

Setting a goal of “110 by 2010”, Tim and the church have done several things already to create an environment of intentional relationship building with pre-Christians throughout the community.  They have focused on each person simply efforting to develop an honest and intentional relationship with one person and praying intentionally for that person’s salvation.

Tim reports that they baptized 32 all of last year and this year thay have already baptized 33 and they are only three months into their run to Easter 2010. The church is awakening to a real understanding of the value of intentional relational evangelism and the power of prayer.

As the folks at FBC accelerate toward Easter 2010, Watson says that a series of opportunities are planned to help harvest those that the Holy Spirit has prepared for salvation. Events include a conference featuring Team Impact in September to reach students, training the church in the Just Walk Across the Room relationship evangelism tool in October, and distribution of the Texas Hope 2010 media cd produced by BGCT and NeedHim in January. This will be followed up with a four day evangelistic event in late January.

“We have taken BGCT resources and the TH 2010 vision and taylored it to our church and community”, Tim states. “It has already been a success and more is coming.”

There are many ways to participate in the goal of TH 2010 to take the Gospel to every Texan by Easter 2010. FBC Longview has crafted a plan that is working for them. Let’s pray that God gives them their heart’s desire for 110 by Easter 2010 and more!  After all, its not numbers, its real people needing a real Savior!

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  1. Kim Shimer Says:

    As the BGCT puts its focus on evangelism for 2010, may I recommend a new book that will help individual church members engage in the process? Judson Press has just published Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism by Jeffrey A. Johnson, director of the National Evangelism Team for American Baptist Churches USA. Learn more about it at: http://www.judsonpress.com/product.cfm?product_id=13512

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