The future of Convencion


The coming 100th anniversary of Convencion seems to me to be the proper time to look back, celebrate the past, examine the present and cast a vision for the future. Convencion leaders seem to agree.

In addition to electing officers, Convencion messengers also appointed a commission to examine the relationship between the Convencion and the BGCT. The current agreement was signed in 1963, and several people told me some of the language needed to be updated. BGCT leaders also will work with Convencion leaders through this process.

But since the 1963 agreement was signed, discusion has continued among Convencion leaders about what the relationship between the two conventions should be like. I only have knowledge of recent years, but it appears the relationship between the groups has been friendly and productive, especially when it comes to efforts like the ISAAC program and the Hispanic Education Initiative.

On his blog, Albert Reyes of Buckner has weighed in on what he thinks the future relationship should be. The appointment of the commission to study generated a bit of discussion on the topic as well. So what do you think it should be like?

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