Victor Rodriguez elected Convencion president


Crystal is working on the story now, but I know some readers are curious who has been elected president of the Hispanic Baptist Convention. The election had several turns, and five candidates were nominated. In the end, Victor Rodriguez, pastor of South San Filadelfia Baptist Church in San Antonio, was elected president. We’ll post details about all the officers and other convencion business as quickly as we can write it.

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3 Responses to “Victor Rodriguez elected Convencion president”

  1. John Roman Says:

    So, no full time employee from the communication staff was sent to an event that attracted close to 1600 people, representing 1100 some congregations?

  2. John Says:

    Hi John. Sorry I haven’t been in this place much over the past few days. I was at the Hispanic Baptist Convention as well. My time was split between photography and doing some media relations work for Convencion. Crystal has done a wonderful job so far, and I knew she could handle the writing for this event if I gave her enough background. And she did wonderfully.

    Beyond that, we had some additional full-time communications staff working behind the scenes.

    I’ll try to get some photos up today from Convencion.

  3. John Roman Says:

    Thanks. I wrongly assumed. I didn’t get to go and had been looking for information since Monday.

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