Attending SBC this year has been a good experience. I’ve been able to meet up with some fellow Texas Baptists and some friends from high school and college. It seems that, similar to those attending the BGCT Annual Meeting, people come to SBC to meet with friends and colleagues as well as squeeze in a little business. This is great as we all still need that face-to-face time to continue to really know people and grow along with them.

One pleasant sight is the larger number of younger pastors attending SBC this year. Focusing on the younger pastors has been a priority of the SBC the past year or so and it seems to be paying off. There was a great pastors’ conference on Sunday and a young leaders luncheon on Monday where about 400 attended.

The younger attendees have brought some great aspects to the Convention floor like encouraging SBC churches, institutions and churches to work with other like-minded Christians in reaching the world for Christ and thankfully that was overwhelmingly welcomed. The floor also presented motions ranging from blessing, not cursing the nation of Israel; creating a sanctity of life year; appointing a task force to examine CP giving and even clarifying language in the SBC to distinguish between the consumption of alcohol and being drunk.

More information on the SBC happenings can be found on their website

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