Super Summer Registration


Jon Randles sent me an email today about the number of students signed up for Super Summer this year.

There are already 3512 students registered which is 309 more than last summer’s final enrollment…and new registrations are still coming in.

The SS sessions are held at Hardin-Simmons, ETBU and UMHB.

This is great news and great proof that God is at work among young adults.

4 Responses to “Super Summer Registration”

  1. graceshaker Says:

    call me skeptical rand but is camp attendance really proof that god is at work among students?

  2. rand Says:

    This isn’t just normal summer camp vacation where one stays up late sitting around a bonfire on a beach.
    Sure, has its fun but it is for young Christian leaders who feel called by God to lead in their church, school, community, anywhere to learn about God and his calling in their lives. The goal of these is not attendance numbers but growing young Christian leaders in Christ. Here’s a blurb from the SS website.

    “A disciplined schedule and focused teaching challenge them to discover the fullest potential of an exciting relationship with Jesus Christ. Super Summer is not just another camp, it is an intense week of discipleship training for leadership students only.”

  3. rand Says:

    Oh, also wanted to mention that this is in the face of a “decreasingly religious society” according to many reports.

  4. David Troublefield Says:

    Though many may not yet understand Super Summer to be what its website states–“for leadership students only”–rather than another camp option during the summer months (which may account for the large/larger registration)–Super Summer done right still has a good chance to help shape all those teens’ lives and to affect their families and campuses positively with the Lord. Many of those students will serve as Super Summer staffers in the years to come, as some who participated in previous years are this summer. My thanks–and that of the congregation I serve (whose teens attend the Abilene Super Summer each year)–to the camp staff and leaders; keep up the good work–and stay rested!

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