What defines us?


I’ve started my thinking process of purchasing a new automobile. I seldom use the term automobile, but my dilemma is whether to buy another truck or a more fuel efficient car.

Let’s face it, the type of car/truck/motorcycle we drive does a couple of things: 1. emits our personality and 2. gets us from place to place. I’d even put them in that order.

I like the design of several cars out there right now but I know I’ll miss having a full-size truck and what it enables me to do around the house and what it says about me. This also means that we’ll have to get my wife something that will pull a horse trailer. Her cross-over SUV (which I refer to as a Sports Utility Van) doesn’t get good gas mileage but also doesn’t get a lot of miles either so just trading cars won’t work…and that I’m not interested in driving it.

This internal dialogue has again gotten me thinking about what defines me. What I drive? What I wear? How I act? What I believe?

The fact is, all of these do from the world’s perspective. But that perspective should not concern me. In the big picture, my seemingly simple purchase decision doesn’t impact humanity but takes up a lot of thought as I sit idle in traffic.

My goal is to notice those thoughts and intentionally change them to focus on things that matter – focusing on God and recognizing ways to reach the people I come in contact with.

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