Sam Pearis – working until the end


Lauren Heartsill, BGCT News Intern wrote the following.

As a retired Air Force pilot, a retired Mission Service Corps director, husband and friend, Col. Samuel Pepper Pearis IV wore many hats throughout his life, and he wore them well. He died on Sunday from Pulmonary Fibrosis, but his influences can still be seen through the lives of the volunteer missionaries in the Mission Service Corps. He is survived by his wife of 54 years Polly, his daughter Tamara, his son Barry, two brothers, six grandchildren and two great granddaughters.

Pearis’s friends said he was a recruiter, workaholic, one of the nicest guys, and wonderful at influencing the volunteers. His friend and co-worker, Dorothy Wilkinson said, “He would do whatever was necessary to involve people in serving the Lord through MSC.”

Pearis wrote his own obituary, which makes sense to those who knew him best. He wanted everything to be taken care of, and he was working until the very end. Pearis was a vital part of the success of the MSC and to the lives of many.

Viewing will be tonight from 5-9 p.m. at the Schertz Funeral Home, and the funeral service will be Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at FBC in Universal City.

Below is Pearis’s own obituary:
Dear Friend,

My day has come and I’m doing my last action for Polly here. She chose not to learn the computer (optimistically depending on me). Because of this, my final assignment is to announce my passing.

The attached Obituary has most of the details, and more will follow when known. Of course you are invited to the Viewing and Memorial Service. I’ll be at both of them. My demise was caused by Pulmonary Fibrosis, scarring in the lungs. If you are unfamiliar with this deadly disease, you can look it up on the Internet as I had to do. Or you can wait until we meet next time.

Thank you for making my life a more meaningful one. You helped me get my money’s worth in my 78 years.

Come see me. And if you Church of Christ people have trouble getting in, just tell the Gatekeeper that you are Baptist (doesn’t have to be “Southern” Baptist).

Thanks to my Grandson Dalton for help in sending this. If you wish to respond, the computer will be open for a few days. And then it CRASHES.

Note: All addresses and phone numbers will stay the same.

Sam Pearis

3 Responses to “Sam Pearis – working until the end”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    I had the distinct privilege of meeting Sam and Polly Pearis when they moved back to the San Antonio area in 2002 or 2003 and joined the First Baptist Church of Universal City. You could tell right away that Sam had so much to offer to the congregation and community; he wisely offered suggestions and counsel, and was a friend. Sam Pearis will be missed–for now, until the Lord calls or comes for each of us. May the Lord bless Polly and their family well in these days.

  2. Ken Coffee Says:

    My blog at, recopunts how Sam and I got hooked up in 1981. He was a good man whose heart was as big as Texas.

  3. Van Christian Says:

    Sam was a great friend and invaluable asset to ministry. He will be sorely missed.

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