Go Now Commissioning


Every summer students from universities all over Texas give up a summer of relaxation to become a Go Now! Student Missionary.  They’ve prepared; they’ve been trained. This Saturday these summer missionaries will be commissioned in a very special  service and then sent out all over Texas, the United States, and the globe.  They will listen to the stories of the hurting, give students learning English an opportunity to practice their new skills, and provide safe places for children to play.  Most importantly they will share the love of Christ. 

So, maybe you can’t take off for two months to serve as a summer missionary, but there are definitely ways you can be involved:

Visit http://www.gonowmissions.com/ to find more information on all of the following:

  • Pray for the unreached people group of the day. 
  • Sign up for the e-mail list to receive missionary updates from students this summer.
  • Volunteer to be a prayer partner for a specific student. 
  • Encourage a college student you know to consider being involved next summer or next semester.
  • Financially support a student who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to serve.

In the meantime, pray for these student missionaries:

  • That they will arrive safely and securely on the field.
  • That teams of students will work well together and with their supervisors.
  • That God will comfort them when they feel alone, scared, and homesick – and strengthen them when they are missing familiar food, family, and the comforts of home.
  • That they will have opportunities to share the love of Christ on the field, and when they return.


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