Outdoor expo calls people to faith


Ken Carter, associate pastor of education and administration at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubock, passed a note to me the other day that indicated the great outdoors recently provided a platform for reaching people for Christ.

The church held a series of events May 1-3. Ken writes:  “The ladies had a banquet with Edwina Patterson as speaker on Friday. On Saturday, we had an expo all around the church and parking lots (Muscle cars, motorcycles, Game Wardens demonstrations, kids jumping toys, 4 fishing ponds, Trophies of Grace – 25 of world’s largest deer heads) with several thousand going thru the expo. On Saturday night, we had a Men & Boy’s Beast Feast at an airport hanger (700 men) and on Sunday night a Youth Rally with 700 youth.  Jay Lowder was the speaker for the men and youth events. For the weekend, we had 342 decisions and 100+ professions for Christ (my emphasis, but I don’t think he’d mind).” 

Sounds like a great weekend with a significant eternal impact. Wherever you are, I hope your church makes an impact for the kingdom today and through the weekend.

As a side note, for some reason, it seems the flow of stories about churches reaching significant numbers of people has increased in my inbox lately. Does anyone else get the sense that something is going on across the state?

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