FBC Georgetown youth to put Scripture in 1,000 homes


Churches continue to find ways to reach people around them through Texas Hope 2010. Here’s another example that Jane Wilson shared with me:

As part of Texas Hope 2010, the youth group at First Baptist Church in Georgetown is raising money to put Scripture in the 1,000 homes within a mile of the church’s facilities.

The group is collecting money to put multimedia compact discs that include Scripture and gospel presentations in the homes near the church.

Brett Levy, the church’s youth minister, said he hopes the CDs will help grow God’s kingdom in Georgetown. He would like to see people make professions of faith as a result of the effort.

“I want to reach people for First Baptist Church,” he said. “But in a broader scope, we just want people to find Jesus.”

First Baptist Church’s work is part of Texas Baptists’ effort to put Scripture in every Texas home. Leaders have stepped forward in 235 of the state’s 254 counties to lead Scripture distribution efforts there. For more information about getting involved in the initiative, visit www.texashope2010.com or e-mail Ron Herring at Ron.Herring@bgct.org.

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2 Responses to “FBC Georgetown youth to put Scripture in 1,000 homes”

  1. graceshaker Says:

    i wonder why dont they put themselves and their own personal testimonies in 1000 homes around the church?

  2. John Says:

    They’re still working the details out, but the CDs have to get to the houses somehow. I have a sneaking suspicion, the youth may be the ones going door-to-door doing just what you suggest.

    They may figure out another way to do it, but I know some people are planning to go door-to-door handing out Scripture and eventually the CDs as part of Texas Hope 2010.

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