Making some changes


This is my (Ferrell’s) first day in a new position with the BGCT. I am now associate director of the new Advocacy / Care Center, and Rand Jenkins has become communications director.

In my new role I will be working with Suzii Paynter, A/C Center director, and a bunch of other wonderful people in the CLC, chaplaincy, transformational missions and counseling offices.

It has been a dream of mine since I was in college to work with the CLC. Now, at age 53, that dream is coming true. Plus, I get to work with these other ministries that seek to share the love of Christ through human touch. I couldn’t be more excited.

With this change, Rand becomes the leader of this blog. He has said I may continue to post along with him and the others, but the responsibility shifts to him. He has been on the BGCT staff a number of years, using his background in marketing to help the varied ministries of the convention, including CP most recently. He’s already been posting, so you’re already getting to know him.

I just wanted to let you regular readers know of the change.

3 Responses to “Making some changes”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    Congrats, Ferrell–and good job done here. Have fun in your new role!

  2. John Roman Says:

    Ferrell, thanks, for your good work as Communications Director.

  3. Larry Floyd Says:

    Ferrell, you will do great at your new post. All the best!

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