Walk for hope


img_2648The employees who work at the Baptist Building often see the Hope 2010 efforts of Texas Baptists from a distance.  We’ve created websites and hunted down resources; some of us have even had an opportunity to walk alongside you and pray with you as Hope 2010 has been becoming reality in your neighborhoods and communities.  But as your Executive Board Staff, we often only know second-hand the way God uses our efforts.  You are the ones on the frontlines being the presence of Christ to our state.

So after hearing how God is already reaching Texas through your praying, sharing, and caring, we decided we wanted to get a firsthand taste of what God is going to do through Texas Hope 2010. So, we took a walk. 

 A prayer-walk.

 To pray for the individuals and neighbors who live, work, and go to school right here around your Baptist Building and by extension, for all of your neighbors.  With a little nervousness and even fear, with weary bodies and aching feet, we weren’t really sure what we would find. But we have already been surprised by the amazing individuals we met…

 One team met an individual who was terribly ill and was able to pray for him as they called an ambulance and waited for it to arrive.

 Another prayed for a woman and her son who had been in the hospital.  They had lots of needs, but most specifically to find a way to get legal status to work.  This team was able to connect them with our ISAAC ministry in order to get help.

 One individual told me, “The saddest of all scenes was walking by a business with their garage door open, looking in and seeing ‘God is Gutless, a Merciless Lord’ written on the wall.  This was just a block from our convention offices.”

 Our prayers were not just for those in our neighborhood, they were for you as well. This is a note from another of your staff members, “It was really meaningful to pray for people we saw and did not see, in beautifully restored old homes or run-down apartments; in medical centers or liquor stores.  It made me think of how massive Texas Hope 2010 is – this was a small part of one neighborhood in such a gigantic state.  I prayed for God to draw the lost in those homes and apartments and businesses to Him, and to do the same thing all over the state. “

 Who have you met as you’ve prayed for individuals in your community?

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