Striving to be an Acts 1:8 church


Fred Ater, BGCT Congregational Strategist in South Texas, passes this note along from Ingleside.

As part of our Texas Hope 2010 project, we at Bethel are working toward “Our Mission Now” beginning in the month of May.  This is the first step of reaching out to our community in Ingleside. Each of the five Saturdays in May, we will be out performing work projects in each area of Ingleside. We will divide Ingleside into quadrants and saturate the area with members from Bethel. We have ordered T-shirts, which will carry the name of the church and show how we at Bethel will strive to be a light in the community.

We plan to help meet any immediate need that we see the people of the neighborhoods having. This is the “care” of the 2010 initiative.  At the end of each work project we finish the family will receive a brochure with our information about service times and other programs we offer at Bethel.

We will also pray for and with each family that we serve and offer the plan of salvation to all who will receive it, accomplishing the “share” and “prayer” part of the 2010 initiative. The brochure will also invite each family to come out on our fifth Sunday and have lunch with us after the morning worship service.  This along with our Texas Hope 2010 work will also be our first step to begin our work at Bethel to become an Acts 1:8 Church.  Our goal is to reach 900 people who are not currently touched by Bethel Baptist Church. This is a little less than 1/10 of our community population.

We have applied for a grant through the BGCT and prayerfully will receive the answer sometime this week. We are needing prayer for this outreach event and look forward to see just how God works, by planting the seed of salvation and allowing Him to complete the work. Thank you for your continued support and prayer for Bethel.
In my prayers,
Rev. James Anaya, Pastor Bethel Baptist, Ingleside

P.S.: We got the grant!!  God is Great!!

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