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The post this morning about I am Second got me thinking. Historically, Protestants have seen technology as a way to spread the gospel. They utilized radio. They used television. Now we’re using the internet. Clearly a lot of people have heard God’s word as a result of these efforts.

In the metroplex lately, it seems like I’ve noticed several “media” efforts, the largest of which is I am Second, which has been on billboards, television and the internet. The group may also have used radio, but I can’t remember hearing a plug for it there. I know a large Dallas church rents out a billboard along a main highway. A suburban church does the same. I imagine some churches locally televise their services, I just don’t know because I’m at church as well.

I’m curious. The quality of material produced by I am Second and these churches is outstanding, top-notch even. The stories and personalities they use are greatness. But given the amount of messages that bombard us today via all forms of media, how effective do you believe Christian media campaigns are? Do people come to faith through them?

If you’ve done this kind of campaign in your church, what have you found to be the results of your efforts?

I have some thoughts, but I’m curious what you think.

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2 Responses to “Christian media campaigns”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    I mentioned the “I am Second”website to my church members. As of this moment, I only know of one person that actually went to it from my congregation. Personally, I loved it.

    Truth be told, its just the same old thing…Evangelism as product placement. I’m sure there will be a positive response, someone gets saved…some where. But overall, I believe that it’s effectiveness will be very limited.

    Our world is full of chatter, coming from every direction. With out intentional relational development, we’re just adding to the chatter.


  2. rand Says:

    This is a good intro into the discussion of the book “unfashionable.”

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