Catalyst discount rate


I forgot to post this the other day. The BGCT is offering discount rates to Catalyst in Dallas. Here’s the note from Randel Everett:


Catalyst is coming to Dallas, and we want our BGCT leaders to attend. A special discount has been made available for you and a complementary luncheon will provide you an opportunity to meet other BGCT leaders and discuss what you have experienced. Some of our BGCT staff will also be present to hear your thoughts and glean ideas from the conference that will increase our effectiveness.

Hear Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel uncover the secrets to creating and sustaining momentum. Learn about creating systems, environments and entire cultures that will set the right initiatives in motion and fuel progress. Whether you need fresh insight for your staff, your church, your business or yourself, this is an exceptional, can’t-miss opportunity.

Make plans now to be part of Catalyst’s newest offering: a One Day leadership experience packed with teaching and insight from two of the leading voices in the Church today. Connect with other influential leaders in your area. Gain fresh perspective. Challenge the process.

Catalyst One Day, part of the Catalyst Voices series, is an opportunity to hear the nuts and bolts of leadership, up-close with Andy and Craig. The event features dynamic worship with the North Point worship team, idea-inducing Q & A, and candid conversation between Andy and Craig.

In order to register for the conference and the luncheon with the discount BGCT rate of $99, visit and enter the rate code “BGCT” by April 30. Entering the code automatically registers you for the luncheon with the BGCT Bible Study/Discipleship Team.

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