Golf Pants


I pulled the below from…it’s a CalTech originated short glimpse of an oddity of science. I first heard these on TCU’s radio station. I knew there was a good reason to play more golf…anyone up for a round?

Golf Pants

Lower your handicap. . . raise your life expectancy?This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

And with scientific research that may suit your favorite golf addict to a tee.

Bahman Farahmand at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and colleagues collected statistics on more than THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND golfers over fifteen months.

And found. . . ?

That die-hard linksters were, on average, forty percent LESS likely to die during that time than the general population.

The most benefit went to the better players, with the lowest handicaps. In other words, the better your handicap, the LESS likely you are to kick the bucket–full of golf balls or no–any time soon. Over time, the lowered death rate would translate to an increase in life expectancy of about five years– That’s five more years to curse and throw your five iron into a water hazard.

The statistics don’t reveal what’s behind the effect–although Farahmand suspects it’s probably all that walking outdoors. The average round is a few miles.

But I suspect it’s the plaid pants… apparently keeps you from being attacked by wild animals.

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