Statement from WorldconneX Board of Directors


The WorldconneX Board of Directors released this statement today:

The Baptist General Convention of Texas recently announced the establishment of the Center for Evangelism/Missions to consolidate the convention’s evangelism and missions efforts. The WorldconneX Board affirms the decision to incorporate the key elements of WorldconneX into the Center for Evangelism/Missions.

WorldconneX was created by the Baptist General Convention of Texas to be a missions network developing innovative approaches for accomplishing the great commission. These new initiatives include:

  • Front-line services-assisting churches in sending church-based missionaries.
  • Church Activation-providing tools for churches to discover their God given mission (such as Inside Out weekends, church consultations, WorldconneX web presence, and The Insider Newsletter).
  • International Connections-networking church with global mission opportunities.

WorldconneX will transfer over one million dollars to the Baptist General Convention or Texas to continue the support of these Global Mission initiatives.

The WorldconneX Board would like to thank Dr. Bill Tinsley and the staff for their contribution to the cause of Global Missions.

11 Responses to “Statement from WorldconneX Board of Directors”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    So…. the Evangelism/Mission department is taking over WorldConnex? Or, am I missing something?


  2. John Says:

    Hey Tim,

    This might help:

  3. Tim Dahl Says:

    Hey John. Yes, I read that. I was talking about it with one of my deacons, one that had been to a W-ConneX event. He noted that while 2 kept their positions, he remembered multiple people as staffers.

    How many lost their jobs? What was done for compensation? Now is not a good time to loose one’s position.

  4. David Troublefield Says:

    WorldconneX has had a fairly small staff–six are shown now at its website ( and all of them nice folk.


  5. John Says:

    Tim, sorry about the delay in tracking this down for you. As I understand it, there are six people on the WorldconneX staff.

    Two of those people will become BGCT Executive Board staff members, and another most likely will. Bill also will remain a consultant through the end of the year.

    That leaves two people — one whose contract runs out about the time that WorldconneX dissolves and one who is not eligible for BGCT employment because of church affiliation (AKA, she’s not Baptist) — who will be without positions.

    You’re correct, now is not a good time to lose a job. These are clearly gifted people who have a lot to offer organizations. We’re praying for them. We’re hoping they find something else quickly. As far as actual compensation, I’m not sure about what we’re doing on that front.

  6. Tim Dahl Says:


    Thanks for the info. I’m sure that the particulars of any compensation offered will be a private matter between those loosing their jobs and the BGCT.

    Thanks again,


  7. spiritualsamurai Says:


    I do so appreciate your comments on this. Just think, now Wayne has even more money to use for his new kingdom. Isn’t Baptist life fun.

  8. Ferrell Says:

    I think there is only one kingdom Wayne is trying to build, and it’s the same one you and I are working for — our Lord’s. I have always found Wayne to be a stewardship-minded manager of our Texas Baptist resources. He is responsible for a great deal of resources, and I think that’s because of the confidence he has engendered. Of course, what Wayne really cares about most is drawing other folks to faith in our Lord.

  9. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Dear Ferrell,

    I believe some of his former supervisors would not agree. I wish you were right, but then again if you were we might not be in the mess we were in.

    Still, thank you for your continual Christ-like spirit.

  10. wackypreacher Says:

    David, Your cutting remarks are so “Christ like”. Seems I heard it said years ago, “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing.”
    So here is my silence.

  11. David Troublefield Says:

    During the past year, I’ve had my own very valid concerns regarding the management of a BGCT department or two. As time has passed, I haven’t been shown to be wrong about my concerns, but I have grown more willing to give the folks about whom I’ve been concerned more of the benefit of the doubt. They are brothers, after all.

    We all have ministry work to do, and all of us are going to make mistakes while we do it–sometimes really big, dumb ones. Honesty and humility, for sure, are two of the best policies to implement as that work is done; all of us doing that: things will be better and better. Time is short–get to it, everybody!

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