Witness to the World


Larry Strandberg II, pastor of RiverPointe Baptist Church in Conroe, passes this along through Scott Willingham of the BGCT Evangelism Team. May God bless Strandberg and his congregation as it seeks to reach out to its community through Texas Hope 2010.

I would like to thank you and your team who put together the Engage event at FBC The Woodlands. When I attending the rally I
was really unsure where or how to lead my church to reach out into our community. To be totally honest we were “high center,” neither
growing nor shrinking and was running out of things to try. While at the rally God opened my eyes to particular tools that were available
to move us forward. And John Randles’ preaching really fired me upabout reaching the lost. Suddenly God gave me a real plan of action.

So I presented it to my church the following Sunday morning in a sermon based on Luke 19:1-10 that were going to get intentional about
reaching the lost. I ask the congregation if they were serious about reaching the lost that they should commit to 6 weeks of training. I
presented to them the “Witness to the World” materials. Almost half of the congregation in attendance came forward and committed to
learning how to build relationships with the lost.

There is a new sense of excitement in our church. We will begin training Sunday night April 19. The second tool that was presented in a breakout session was the “4xfour challenge” by Pastor Greg Wallace. The “4xfour” provides legs to the WTW training. After we complete the WTW training we are going to identify 4 lost people to pray for, invest in and invite to our harvest event in August. We are excited about what is starting to do in our church and I thank you so much for all of your hard work. You guys were just the shot in the arm I needed.

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