Children at Heart staff pray for lost, hungry in Texas


More and more Texas Baptists are getting involved in Texas Hope 2010. It’s not just individual members or churches either. It’s also BGCT-affiliated institutions. Children at Heart Ministries is taking its first steps in the Texas Hope effort. Check it out:

To kick off its Texas Hope 2010 efforts, Children at Heart Ministries begun “30 Days of Simultaneous Prayer” on all its ministry campuses April 13.

The staff of Gracewood, Miracle Farm, STARRY and Texas Baptist Children’s Home will be working through 30-day prayer guides simultaneously. Each day, the prayer guides will lead staff members to pray for the lost and hungry in Texas.

“As a family of ministries, I know our collective commitment to prayer will further strengthen our ministry family,” said Keith Dyer, Texas Baptist Children’s Home executive director. “I’m excited about this unique prayer opportunity that will afford us all the opportunity to be in ‘one accord’ and challenge us in our personal walk with God as He prepares, equips and empowers each of us to pray, care and share the love of Christ with a lost and hungry state.” 

For more information about Texas Hope 2010, visit

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2 Responses to “Children at Heart staff pray for lost, hungry in Texas”

  1. Jerry Bradley Says:

    Thanks John for this report.

  2. John Says:

    No problem. Glad to help. And glad to join you in praying for people across Texas.

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