A call to pray April 15


From Randel Everett, BGCT executive director:


Danny Sinquefield, president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention has challenged all the state convention presidents to issue a call to prayer to our churches for April 15. David Lowrie has done this in his blog and now I want to join him with this request. I apologize for getting this to you at this late date, but perhaps it is something you can still lead your church to do this Wednesday night.

April 15 is a significant day for American tax payers. Even though this is a time I typically gripe and begrudgingly send in my taxes, it should also be a time when I thank God for our country. Few folks in history have had the opportunities and privileges we have in the United States.

Danny has encouraged us to use Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to the Lord and He will show us great and mighty things.” Danny suggests five items for our focus:

  • Families facing financial struggles as a result of job loss and cut-backs
  • Churches to respond with sensitivity and compassion to those in need
  • Local, state and national elected officials to use wisdom in leadership
  • Opportunities to share the good news of Jesus clearly and effectively; and
  • Humility, repentance and true spiritual awakening in our nation

Please join other Baptist churches across our nation in prayer this Wednesday, April 15.


I hope you are getting good participation in your county with churches becoming involved in planning for the multimedia CD distribution. I encourage you to begin recruiting key business leaders who will help raise the $1 per CD. This is an exciting way to share the hope of Christ with everyone in the ministry area of your church. We will be sharing some more thoughts for raising the funds for this project and also want to hear your ideas.

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