Join us!


God moved in such a mighty way last night. I’m not sure even how to describe it. I have no doubt He’ll move again tonight.

See it for yourself. Join us!

Check out the video stream at

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2 Responses to “Join us!”

  1. John Says:

    Congreso was outstanding this year. We appreciate all of you who tuned in via the internet. If you’re looking for photos, check out the congreso site above or go to the Flickr collection at:

    You can check out a slideshow of those photos here:

  2. jon randles Says:

    One of the most effective events in Texas Baptist life is the Congreso student and young adult conference that the BGCT evangelism team produces each year. I have had the privilege of speaking at this conference on two different occasions and this year’s edition was the best ever!

    Thanks to Frank Palos, BGCT Director of Hispanic Evangelism and Angie Tello, BGCT Hispanic Evangelism Event Coordinator for a job well done! Many others gave countless hours and many organizations worked in cooperation with Frank and Angie.

    A record attendance of 5000 was enhanced by 194 professions of faith, 310 recommitments, 136 decisions for ministry, and 91 other public decisions for Christ! An offering for college scholarships came to a record $9,051.00. Thanks Hispanic Evangelism team for a job well done!

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