What do you think of churches working with the USDA on hunger issues?


Today during the CLC’s Hunger Policy Summit, Bill Ludwig of the USDA said some churches do not want to work with the USDA in hunger efforts because they fear they will not be able to preach the gospel if they partner with the USDA. Ludwig assured those who were gathered for the summit that churches can partner with the USDA and share the gospel. The USDA simply wants to help feed hunry people. In fact, if a church runs a summer feeding program, the USDA may be able to supply the food for the program free of charge.

I’m curious, have any of you partnered with the USDA through a food bank or some other effort? If so how did it go?

Have any of you intentionally avoided partnering with the USDA? If so, why?

If you’re curious about more information about partnering with the USDA to strengthen your hunger ministry, contact Gerald Davis at 888-244-9400. He can help answer questions and walk you through the process if you’d like.

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