Most important ministry in churches


Ed Stetzer, researcher with LifeWay, has posted a blog about what pastors state as the most important ministries in a church. I didn’t really find anything all that shocking, but it is good to see a statistical breakdown and it made me think about what I consider the most important ministry of a church.

Good children’s ministry brings in kids and families. Good missions impacts a community. Good Bible study deepens people’s faith. Good preaching keeps people awake…and it helps them learn and apply. Good worship honors God and honestly just feels so good. Good prayer – contemplative time with God – draws us closer to Him.

The post also states the top five ministries that are critical to the mission, future health and progress of a church…and first is – well, read it and find out. In last place at 13% is prayer.

Stetzer’s post is based on the SBC study “Critical Ministries and Their Leadership” written by Mark Kelly.

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