Celebrating the Lunar New Year with a new life


BGCT Vietnamese Specialist Jim Klassen pased this note to me the other day. It’s my pleasure to share it here:

The heartbeart of Hope 2010 is to have every person in Texas hear the Good News about Jesus in a cultural context that is relevant. Pastor Hongson Tran, associate pastor of the West Memorial Vietnamese Baptist Church in Houston, is one of the founds and key coordinators for an annual Houston Lunar New Year’s Festival, which uses the traditional time of celebration to help people meet Jesus.                                 

The Festival was held on February 7, 2009.  Pastor Hongson wrote, “Within a few hours, our booth [had] completely run out of everything….  thousands of people swept through our booth.  ….  The Holy Spirit set up spiritual appointments for us to share the gospel…  The evangelism team shared [the] gospel…[with] 147 people, and 60 people prayed, accepting Christ as Lord and Savior…(per final records with verifiable photo).”                

Even Mormons and Buddhist monks came to see what was attracting people.  They were surprised to because the focus was simply on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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