The wave surges


map-blogOn Tuesday I shared that 180 of Texas 254 counties now have people who have volunteered to lead Scripture distribution efforts as part of Texas Hope 2010. That post also indicated more people were coming on board the effort each day.

Little did I realize how accurate I was.

That day, leaders stepped up in 15 more counties, to bring the total to 195. Among the 15 were three Executive Board members who were joining some of their fellow board members to want to lead the charge in their counties. People want to be involved in this effort.

At this point, we can’t update the web site map quick enough to keep up with the changes. The map posted here is the most up-to-date one I could get my hands on. What a great problem to have to figure out.

If you’d like to lead an effort to place Scripture in every home in your county, call Ron Herring at 888-244-9400.

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