ETBU to hold conference on restorative justice


Mike Midkiff sent me this event from ETBU, which may be helpful for you. In order to share the hope of Christ with the entire state, Christians are going to have to go places they may not have considered before. One of those places is the prisons that dot our state.

Here’s the information from Mike on the ETBU conference. If you can’t make this one, Tomi Grover told me today there will be a national restorative justice conference in San Antonio on May 2. You can find more information on the May conference by clicking here to read the UTSA press release.

ETBU To Host Restorative Justice Ministries Conference March 28

MARSHALL, Texas (2/24/09)- East Texas Baptist University will host the Central Northeast Texas Regional Restorative Justice Ministries Conference on Saturday, March 28, beginning at 8:30 a.m., in Edwards Conference Center located in the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center.

Restorative Justice is a theory of Criminal Justice that focuses on crime as an act against the individual, rather than the state. It is a new concept in our society that seeks to restore and rehabilitate the offenders by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions, and for the harm they have caused others. The victim, in many instances, receives an apology from the offender. This end result can only be achieved through a co-operative effort by the community and the government.

The conference will begin with breakfast and a keynote presentation by 71st Harrison County District Judge William T. Hughey. Dr. Jeph Holloway, Professor of Religion at ETBU, will also address the conference with a presentation on biblical mandates for Restorative Justice. 

Emmett Solomon, Director of Restorative Ministries Network, will present his ideas for why he believes it is time for Restorative Justice. There will be two concurrent workshops that cover faith-based restorative justice and interfaith ministry ideas. 

Admission to the conference is $30, which includes breakfast and lunch, or $25 for lunch only. Students are admitted free of charge with proper college I.D.; however, meals are not included.  For more information contact Dr. Bob Benefield at

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