Board approves preparing for recession


BGCT Treasurer Jill Larsen outlined the general financial health of the BGCT this morning. Overall, churches are giving slightly below what they gave last year, which is outstanding considering the economic conditions that are going on in our nation. However, Larsen noted the economic environment does create some concern. January giving ran at a clip of 79.88 percent of budget. Early February reports indicate stronger giving, Larsen said.

In response to the concern, the board approved a motion that authorized the possibile expenditure of as much as $2.5 million in funds that are set aside for “drastic” economic situations. At this point, leadership does not see a need to dip into those funds, but as the economy evolves, that need may arise. If the need does arise, Larsen indicated she hopes not all of those funds will be needed. The board will be informed in the event that some of those funds are used.

The generosity of Texas Baptists remains amazing. The harder times become, the more they seek to help those around them. I see that in my friends. I see that in my church. And I see it in churches I visit across the state. Thank God for your desire to want to serve others and share the hope of Christ.

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