Guitars needed for soldiers


I mentioned this before, but it got buried between a bunch of other posts so I want to mention it again. the good folks in our chaplaincy office are looking to send about 10 guitars to a chaplain overseas who will use them to connect with and minister to soldiers. If you have a used guitar with a case and would be interested in sending to a chaplain, contact She’ll connect you with all the details of getting the guitars overseas, which is actually really easy.

Maybe the gift of your guitar will help someone discover the gift of Christ.

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4 Responses to “Guitars needed for soldiers”

  1. Reba Gram Says:

    Our office has a PRAISE regarding this request for guitars!
    A church in Oklahoma has donated 3 guitars to our deployed chaplain’s ministry. We only have 7 more to go to reach or goal. Please pray with us for this request.

  2. John Says:

    We’ve received another guitar. 6 more to go!

  3. ashli Says:

    Got a note from a friend asking if they could be electric. Here is what Reba said:
    I’ve always heard them referred to as Standard but at any rate NOT ELECTRIC.

    Will said he shipped two guitars … we didn’t end up with 3 before he left OK … and he said it cost $25 to ship them … in case anybody asks that question.

  4. Reba Gram Says:

    FOUR! Count them FOUR! That’s the number of guitars we are up to now. Only 6 more to go. Our chaplain has been kept up to date and is thrilled.

    Instead of saying Standard I’ve been informed that Acoustic is the correct term.

    Also, we have been blessed that guitar stores are providing us with boxes to ship these guitars when we ask.

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