More than 100 Texas counties to be covered with Scripture


Churches continue to step up in significant numbers to lead Scripture distribution in their respective counties. At this point, leaders have stepped forward in 124 of Texas’ 254 counties. And more volunteers are steppping forward each day.

As part of Texas Hope 2010, organizers hope to put Scripture in every home in the state. If you’d like to volunteer to help with this effort or possibly even lead an effort, contact Ron Herring at He’ll be glad to help you plug in somewhere.

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2 Responses to “More than 100 Texas counties to be covered with Scripture”

  1. graceshaker Says:

    im all for getting people bibles. in fact i make it a point to buy them for people if i find out they dont have one. but if there arent people behind every one of those bibles ready to love the people receiving them we are wasting our time. may we never hand out a bible where we dont also make ourselves fully available.

  2. Ruben Gonzales Says:

    we are praying for the state of texas, in our church ,primera iglesia bautista in channelview,texas,

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