‘How you respond has everything to do with who you are’


David Lowrie has noted this was a special night during the CLC conference, and he’s right. The content for the entire conference was great. There was a bunch of information from folks who are experts in their respective fields.

But it was the so-called non-experts that spoke to me most. They weren’t the most eloquent, most informed or even proper at points. But they were the most real. It was the people who are most like me who encouraged me most.

Below is Justin Dillon’s presentation about human trafficking. He’s speaking about human trafficking here, but to me his underlying message can be applied to helping any hurting person each of us sees. What will we do when the hurting are right in front of us? What about when they are all around us?

His answer is simple — “how we respond has everything to do with who you are.” So the deeper question may be, who are you? What do you care about? Who do you care about? Is Christ living in you in such a way that compels you to reach out to the hurting people around you? I hope you are.

I’ll be honest, I have to go now. It stinks when something you’re writing convicts you. Enjoy the video. I have to do something. I hope you do too.

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2 Responses to “‘How you respond has everything to do with who you are’”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    Spiritual growth = values of Jesus, values of me; character of Jesus, character of me; conduct of Jesus, conduct of me.

    David Troublefield
    Minister of Education
    Lamar Baptist Church
    Wichita Falls, TX

  2. John Says:

    I forgot to mention this the other day, but if you’d like a higher-quality version of Dillon’s remarks, right click on this link and select “save target as”:

    [video src="http://www.bgct.org/documents/mp4/20090209-clc_dillon_call_and_response.mp4" /]

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