A note about streaming video


In the past week, thanks to Rex and Dennis’ outstanding work, we’ve been able to provide live video streams from three significant events — Engage, Hispanic Evangelism Conference and the Christian Life Commission Conference (which still is being streamed here as I type this). Though we weren’t able to get the word out about the video feeds as we would have liked, people have shown quite a bit of interest in watching the events, particularly the Hispanic Evangelism Conference.

When we see people watching these feeds, it encourages us to do it more. Thank you for tuning in when you get the chance. We know you have busy days and many ways you could fill them. Thank you for spending part of them with us.

We’ve also received a few e-mails from people who tried to view the video stream but could not get it to work. We apologize for that situation. We can’t be sure of what the problem is in each situation, but the most common problem we’re finding is slower internet connection speeds that cannot handle streaming video. It seems streaming video requires a faster connection than most flash videos such as YouTube or Google videos.

If you believe your internet connection is fast enough to handle streaming video, various internet settings may be preventing you from viewing live video of any kind. Honestly, I don’t know exactly which settings those are, but this is what folks who understand such things tell me. You may want to check your settings, or if your trying to tune in from work, try contacting your IT department.

Hopefully this helps some folks who may be trying to tune into the BGCT stream.

Thanks again for tuning in. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in the events of the past week. I know we’ve enjoyed you being with us.

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