Evangelism made simple


Yesterday, BGCT Executive Director Randel Everett spoke during Engage. He shared he was recently visiting with Paul Landrew, pastor of St. Stephen Baptist Church in Houston. In the past few years, the congregation has seen a multitude of people make a profession of faith through a variety of community outreaches — giving out clothes and food, to name two specifically.

Yesterday, Randel shared that he asked Pastor Landrew a question — What is the church’s secret to reaching people? Landrew’s answer was simple, and, in my estimation, applicable to all of us.

“We look for people who are crying and go there.”

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One Response to “Evangelism made simple”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    Interesting info on running with gospel ministry to the crying in need: http://www.ncd-international.org.

    One of 8 characteristics of growing churches worldwide:

     Spirituality which is passionate individually
     Relationships which are loving practically
     Worship which is inspiring corporately
     Leadership which is empowering primarily
     Structures which are functional continually
     Small-groups which are holistic relevantly
     Ministry which is gift-based consciously
     Evangelism which is need-oriented intentionally

    More here: http://www.simplechurchhappens.net/Resources/Book_Summaries/Natural%20Church%20Development%20-%20Christian%20A.%20Schwarz.doc

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