Info about the CD-ROM


Most of you know that a key aspect of the Texas Hope 2010 effort is statewide distribution of a gospel presentation via a CD-ROM disk that can be played in computers. These disks are to be made available at $1 each and thousands of dollars already have been raised for this effort on a county-by-county basis.

You will be hearing more about this in coming days, but I’m writing to clarify information regarding content of the CD.

Since the vision of Texas Hope 2010 calls for us to share the hope of Christ with everyone in Texas in his or her own language, this CD-ROM will have an audio reading of John 3 in more than 300 languages. It also will provide a link to where the recipient can go online and download the entire NT in any of those languages.

The CD-ROM will also have a presentation of the gospel in a relational, video format. We have not finalized the plans for this portion of the disk, so we will share more on this later.

Please be in prayer for this portion of Texas Hope 2010. We need churches to commit to lead the effort in their county. This will involve the raising of the $1 per household needed. So the financial need also is a big one. But, as we often say, we serve a big God and this effort is clearly in light with His purposes of drawing all people unto Himself.

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