Last night in Serbia


Last night, we went to Choso’s parent’s house in the countryside facing the mountains. They welcomed us into their home with kaffa and chai (coffee and tea). It was wonderful. The traditional Serbian tea is caramelized sugar and water. Ryan loved it because it reminded him of sweet tea back home. After enjoying time with Choso’s parents, we came home and went to bed.

Today is Serbian Christmas in the Orthodox church. So, we woke up and got things squared away at the hotel. The husband of the couple who owns the hotel started crying when we left. 😦 It was so sweet. They will forever have a place in my heart. We got some great pastries for breakfast, then went to the Hepner’s to get ready for the day.

We went to Viktor’s parent’s house for Christmas lunch. His mom, dad, and grandmother are so cute! We had some awesome food- fruit cake (not what you’re thinking), baklava, chai, and bread. So yummy! After that, we went to friend’s houses and gave them chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. We went to Spider’s parent’s house for some chai and kaffa again. After that, we came back to the Hepner’s home to get ready for the flight. We had that really good pizza again (with the eggs and bacon, etc.) for dinner. After that, Viktor, Chosa, and Djordjie came over to keep us company until we leave at 3 a.m.

We have a two hour drive to Belgrade then we head home! We miss y’all and love y’all. Cant wait to see y’all tomorrow night!


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