A new year, a new Standard


With the turning of the calendar, the Baptist Standard is launching a new electronic version of its publication that includes video, hyperlinks and photo slideshows.

You can check out of a preview of it by clicking here. A year’s subscription to the electronic version runs $8 a year, much less than the printed version, which will continue to be offered.

What do you think of the look?


4 Responses to “A new year, a new Standard”

  1. James VanDyke Says:

    I don’t see this format for the Standard going very far. I would lean towards placing more effort into their normal web content rather than trying to recreate the magazine feel on the web. The animations are slick and the design isn’t bad but I don’t think people will consistently go to the web to read content in magazine form, even with the videos and links thrown in.

    I also think paid content on the web takes a significant effort to be successful. I’m not sure that this crosses that bar. They might want to consider the example of Wired magazine who launches content in their print magazine to paid subscribers first and then trickles stories out freely via the web later on pages with advertising.

  2. David Troublefield Says:

    Cool. Keep testing the market–which dictates everything.

  3. Tim Dahl Says:

    I must admit, it was really neat to go through it. However, I noticed that no matter how much I zoomed in, some of the articles were still blurry. I guess they still have some kinks to work out. Also, I’m not sure I like the magazine layout brought over to the internet. I enjoy being able to peruse the links, and go to where I am most interested. Having to scroll through the pages got monotonous really fast. However, I applaud their use of technology, and I look forward to seeing where it takes them.


  4. Brad Russell Says:

    There is a new demo up at http://www.baptiststandardE3.com that loads even faster than before.

    The user experience is indeed different than a web site, though I think people will tend to pick it up quickly. That’s likely why digital consumer magazines delivered on this platform grew 300% last year. Reading the User Tips will help you navigate more fluidly through the publication.

    For people who have moved into online media but still value the whole package of an edition with familiar print layout and design, the E3 is a economical and significantly enhanced experience.

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