A heartbreaking scene in Serbia


Last night, we went to coffee with Boba and Viktor for three hours. It was tons of fun. Today, we went to a place with some children’s books to give out with the Gypsy Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. It was really sad. I started crying when I saw the older people who were cold and could barely walk waiting in line to get bread.

After that, we passed out Bibles on the street. It was very difficult because there were a lot of people out, and we did not want to cause a scene or draw a crowd. A lot of people turned us down, so it was very discouraging. Then, Tania and I met up with Anna and plan on getting coffee with her tomorrow at her shop in the market. Then we caught up with Chosa, Boba and her friend at coffee. After Boba and her friend left, Viktor showed up and more coffee!!! It is great stuff though.

Tonight, we are giving Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the paraplegic of Serbia. Then, we will have women’s Bible study. After that, we are going to Chosa’s office to watch the Ohio State and Texas game at midnight on a projector. It’s going to be fun. Tomorrow, we plan on doing hot chocolate distribution so that will be fun!

We miss y’all and love y’all.


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One Response to “A heartbreaking scene in Serbia”

  1. Kendall's mom Says:

    Hey guys~
    Thanks Sara for the continued updates on what is going on over there. I am so glad that you guys are getting to really see into the heart and souls of the people of Serbia. The history-lover in me is also glad that you are getting to know some of the rich past of the place. I continue to lift you all up and I am praying that as you minister God’s love to the broken, poor and hurting people there you will be stretched and challenged AND blessed. What a gift and opportunity you have all been given to serve as God’s hands and feet to a people he loves so dearly! Take care of yourselves and each other, and know that you are loved and lifted up over here~
    Tammy Condray (Love, love you Kendall!!)

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