Snow in Serbia


Wow these past few days have been busy. Yesterday, we handed out more Bibles at a smaller market. Tons of people were receptive to the Word, however we started to draw a crowd so we left. There were people following us to the car and a lady stopped us as we were driving away. It felt like they were just wanting the Bible because they knew we were American and wanted something free. Their motives behind it were not sincere.

After that, we went to baseball practice OUTSIDE in 30 degree weather. These kids love the game so much that they did not care! Some of the kids were in short sleeve shirts and pants. I hit my first home run ever! Maybe soccer wasn’t my sport after all.

After practice, we went to a beautiful monestary in Zica (pronounced Zchicha) with our friend Chosa. Then we went to an amazing three course lunch. Oh it was so good! Then we had coffee with Chosa for a couple hours. He knows a lot about Serbian history, so it was awesome. We got to ask him tons of questions; it was like a live history book. Then we went and had more coffee at Kaffa.

This morning, we woke to snow!! We went to Maglic (Maglich) and climbed the mountain to the top to explore an old castle. Then we drove to Goc (Goch) and went sledding. The snow was up to my knees! Crazy. Then we came back and had house church. We all shared our testimonies, and then Josh taught on 1 Corinthians 1:1-9.

It’s been a great weekend!! We miss y’all and love y’all!


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