Out and about in Serbia


This morning, Ryan got to practice his German with the convenient store owner. He said that was an interesting experience.

After devotions, we went to the local market, which is outside in 30 degree weather and handed out about 50 Bibles. It wasn’t too busy, so we are planning on going back in the morning. We met a lot of great people. Tania and I met a girl named Anna, and we plan on getting coffee with her at some point before I leave. She speaks decent English, so that makes things a lot easier.

We had some wonderful coffee at a new coffee house with Josh and two of his friends. After that, we went to a small Orthodox church in town and observed how they “worship.” There is a small building outside the church where they can light two candles, one for the living and one for the dead. Then they go into the church and kiss all of the pictures inside of it. The whole time, they face the front of the church, so they walk backwards for part of their “worship.” After that, we walked around the town some more and prayed and watched people. During that time, we also gave out a few more Bibles. This took up most of our day.

After that, we went back to the hotel and got dressed up for a “tacky Christmas party.” 🙂 It was absolutely hilarious! The Serbs normally dress really nice, so we were hoping that they would step out of their comfort zone and have some fun. Boy did they! Some of these outfits are completely ridiculous! We did a white elephant exchange too. These events took up pretty much of our day.

Tomorrow is going to be super busy. We plan on going back to the market because there will be a ton more people to give out Bibles to. We also plan on giving out Operation Child shoeboxes again to local gypsy children. The gypsies are people who are very discriminated against and looked down upon by the Serbs. They live in shacks where their roofs are plastic and held down with tires. The adults make their children beg for money while the parents search through dumpsters for food or anything that they could sell. Then tomorrow night, we might go out with some of the girls. But all of this might not happen because we’re in Serbia!! We will see!


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One Response to “Out and about in Serbia”

  1. Tammy Condray Says:

    Hey…it’s Kendall’s mom! I am praying for all of you~ Hope that tomorrow’s stuff w/the gypsy children is really special and effective. What an exciting place to be…I am praying God uses each of you to do great things. Love to you all, especially to you Kendall!!! Love and miss you much, Mom

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