Handing out Bibles in Serbia


Yesterday, we ended up prayer walking around two specific apartment buildings. Josh, Tania, and I climbed 15 floors and starting giving out the Bibles.

We are all enjoying a coffee shop called Kaffa Hag. Very, very good!! We go back there every day. After we had some coffee, we walked around the town, then went back to the apartment to rest.

We then played Spades and Nerts in the hotel restaurant. The couple who owns the restaurant are great people. Our relationship with them is growing as we try to understand each other’s language. Ryan and Kendall have been going back to the same convenient store in the morning and building a relationship with the owner there. Pray for those people please!

About 10:30, we went back to the square to enjoy the festivities. They had a live band and people were shooting off fireworks at random times. Watch your feet, because they will throw them at your feet to get a good laugh. After that, we went back to Hag and enjoyed more coffee and welcomed the New Year with chai. Late night.

This morning, the boys went back to the convenient store, and the man actually enjoyed them today! We then went over to Josh’s house to do devotional and talk some. Then, we prayer walked. Tania and I walked into some neighborhoods that, in America, would be considered ghetto. But here, they are nice. The graffiti here is full of pain. These people experience full on war almost every decade. It’s interesting to see a table top full of graffiti but then a peace sign in the middle of it.

After prayer walking, we went back to Hag and got tons of coffee and chai. Ryan gave our waiter, Igor, a Bible. He took it graciously. We plan on going back there every day to give out more Bibles to the waiters. Ryan and Kendall prayer walked for 30 minutes while Kristen took Tania and I to the apartments to distribute Bibles. After 30 minutes, we switched. We did this for two hours. We had more doors slammed on us than doors that stayed open. It’s not about numbers though. The word is getting out. There was an older lady who said she didn’t have a Bible and felt very blessed that we gave her one for free. She was such a sweetheart. I will never forget her. We got some dinner and are now waiting to do the men’s Bible study at Josh’s house.

We miss y’all and love yall much. Hope everything is going well.


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3 Responses to “Handing out Bibles in Serbia”

  1. Julie Dellinger Says:

    Please tell Kendall we love him and miss him and are praying for him/

    Julie, Bob, and all thekids.

  2. Judy and Charles Barr Says:

    We’re Ryan’s Granny and Grandad. What you’ll are doing is wonderful.
    We pray for each of you and that God’s Word will fall on fertile ground.
    Tell Rayn hello and we love him.

  3. Wanda and Don Nelson Says:

    We are Ryan’s Great Grandparents.
    We are proud of what all of you are doing and we pray for you every day.
    May God bless al four of you.
    Tell Ryan hello.

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