Preparing for missions


We left DFW airport at 1 p.m. Monday afternoon. After eating dinner at the Chicago airport, the team and I left for Munich, Germany. After a 9 hour plane ride, watching Wall-E about five times and getting absolutely no sleep, we landed in Munich at 10 a.m., Munich time, Tuesday morning.

We then took a bus to a little plane to fly to Belgrade, Serbia. We flew over the GORGEOUS Swiss Alps! It took my breath away and was probably the most magnificent sight I have ever seen. It truly brought tears to my eyes. After we landed in Serbia and went through customs, Josh met us outside security. It was 22 degrees there with snow scattered on the ground.

We then began our 3-hour car ride to Kraljevo. On the way, we stopped at a restaurant where we got two different kinds of salads and two different kinds of meat. They serve food in a restaurant “family style” where they put a huge platter in the middle and you pass it around, just like with your family at home. As soon as we got in the car after lunch, all of us fell asleep and Josh finished the 45 minutes in silence. We checked into our hotel, put more clothes on, and went over to Josh’s house to meet his family — Kristen (wife), Dayne, Abigail, and Darcie. Such a wonderful family!

We then loaded up boxes and distributed Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to refugee orphans. One thing I noticed is that every single kid there is happy. No sadness at all. After that, we walked around town and met up with some of Josh’s friends for coffee and tea. Since lunch is their big meal, dinner is usually just a small snack and coffee or tea. It was really good. After a short coffee break (1 hour), we went back to the hotel and went to bed. The boys didn’t sleep too well, but Tania and I slept really well. We had breakfast this morning in the hotel. Their bacon was interesting. It was about half an inch thick and still had the bones in it. Their eggs are served sunny side up too.

After that, we came over to Josh’s house and did a devotional and orientation. We had a pizza for lunch — cheese, bacon, mushroom, eggs, and sauce. It was really good! We are working on labeling books and tracts, so when we hand them out the people will have contact. Today is a preparation day because it is New Years Eve.

I hope that everything is going well, and we miss y’all and love y’all!


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