Busy days in Moldova


Things have been really busy around here, and I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. That was a big day for us. At the first orphanage we were meet by the ambassador for the U.S. to Moldova. He is from Pakistan. We didn’t actually meet him because there was so much media around him and his wife. All of the kids and the staff were dressed in their best clothes and everyone is in a flurry. He stayed for about 30-45 minutes. After putting on a couple shoes, the ambassador went to the auditorium to watch a program they had prepared for him. Then he went to the dinner they prepared for him. One of our translators said it was a Moldovan’s dream meal. We had fried fish and roasted chicken with cabbage, small sandwiches with sardines, cheese and olives. Then we finished the meal with tea! I love the tea here. I am not sure what is different or special about it though.
At the second orphanage, we fitted another 200 kids with boots. The last group of kids were very young and very cute, but we had the right sizes to fit each of them. We were able to play with them for a little while and it was refreshing to see them smile and run around in their boots after a long day of work.
Today we went to a smaller town near the Transniestria-Moldova border and gave away another 350 boots. It was about an hour drive each way. On the way there, the roads were very icy and a couple cars collided behind us. Later, we found out the driver of one of the vehicles was killed. Please keep his family in your prayers.  
Tomorrow we are going to go to a disabled boys orphanage and fit another 300 or so boots. We don’t know much else about it, but we are looking forward to working there. Please continue to be in prayer for our safety as we are on the road each day. We also need extra strength and energy to continue working and have good attitudes. Please pray for our translators as they work along side us, and we can continue to build relationships with them. We are also running out of sizes for many of the kids, and that is heart breaking. Pray that God either multiplies the shoes or makes the kids feet fit the shoes that we have extras of.
Thank you for continuing to pray for us, we really appreciate it!!

Cori Crumrine

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