Some friends will soon be serving in new places


Last week, we as a staff learned that Tim Randolph, who leads the BGCT congregational strategists, and Richard Mangum, who serves as the congregational strategist in the Dallas-area, will soon be serving Texas Baptists in new roles.

Tim will begin serving as director of missions for the Waco Regional Baptist Network on Jan. 1. Richard will begin serving at Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment on Jan. 1.

Gentlemen, we appreciate all that you’ve done during your time as part of the BGCT Executive Board staff. We’ve prayed for you during your time here and surely will continue to pray for you in your new roles as well as work together to expand God’s kingdom.


One Response to “Some friends will soon be serving in new places”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    I met Richard in 1994 when he served as DOM of the Bell Baptist Association and shortly after I began serving as senior pastor of FBC-Troy, TX–and actually mistook him, the first time I met him, for another person I anticipated visiting our church. Richard was gracious on that occasion and always, and was a joy to work with in Bell County. If he’s done as well serving as Congregational Strategist in the Dallas area (and I’m certain he has), then the churches and missions there have been helped greatly.

    May the Lord richly bless your new ministry, Richard!

    David Troublefield
    Minister of Education
    Lamar Baptist Church
    Wichita Falls, TX

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