Tribes seeking return to casinos


Two Native American tribes have hired “prominent Austin lobbyists and consultants, some with close ties to Republican Gov. Rick Perry,” in an effort to get casino gambling restored to their tribal lands, according to an Associated Press story in the Houston Chronicle.

In 2002, both tribes’ casinos were closed  by court orders sought by then-Attorney General John Cornyn.

The BGCT’s Christian Life Commission, working with Texans Against Gambling, has done a great job in recent years helping limit the spread of gambling in Texas. Gambling is a seriously flawed approach to state government finance, and it causes untold economic damage to communities and families. Quite simply, the only thing that benefits from the gambling industry is the gambling industry, plus the politicians it supports.

While the CLC is a great voice against the spread of gambling, our individual voices with our state representatives and senators are extremely important.

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One Response to “Tribes seeking return to casinos”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Thanks so much for the kudos to Texans Against Gambling. It’s an uphill battle, given the hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into the fight on the pro-gambling side. Please visit the new website,, to see a list of politicians who have taken money from gambling company Aces Wired. And there’s a lot more money from the horse racing groups, casinos, lottery and slot machine interests and through third-parties that pours into elected official campaigns in hopes of influencing votes. But if we all stand together, and keep letting our local representatives know we are out there, we can give them enough political cover to keep them honest.

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