Boots for those in need


We have just finished dinner on day two here in Moldova. Dinner was great. We had spaghetti and finished up with brownies and ice cream. Today was very busy as we went to two orphanages. At the first orphanage in a little town outside of Chisinau, we fitted about 275 kids with new boots. It was quite an experience. We unloaded most of the boxes off the truck that we had loaded the day before and moved them into the orphanage auditorium and set the up on stage. Then we set up the rest of the room so we could efficiently measure each child’s foot, give them socks, find the right size boots and then help them put them on and check the size. In the beginning we had a little trouble asking if the shoes were too big or too small. Our Romanian needs a little practice, but after the first dozen or so we had things figured out. It took several hours and it was a lot of work, but with each child leaving the room with a smile on their face and a new pair of shoes on their feet it made all the effort well worth it. We also met our translators this morning, and they were instrumental in helping us get this job completed.
After we finished giving the boots away our team leader, Ted, gave a short devotional and told them why we were there. We wanted them to know that we were trying to be the hands and feet Christ by bringing them shoes.
The second orphanage holds a special place in my heart because it is a deaf orphanage and I have always enjoyed sign language and recently completed my minor in it. I was really impressed at the teachers and the director there, they were very attentive and wanted to make sure that each student had boots in the right size. All of the students there were at least 16 years old and very polite and appreciative of us being there. As each student came in and signed to each other and their teachers I watched and tried to catch any familiar signs; I didn’t get many, but it is great to watch.
My team and I appreciate all your prayers and we continue to ask for more. Specifically we ask you to pray that will have the appropriate number of boots for each orphanage and the boots we have will be the right size. Pray that God will provide energy. This trip takes a physical toll on the body and  we want to be as energetic, sincere and genuine with our love for the last child as we are with the first. Continue to pray for our safety as we travel, we drive an hour or so between orphanages and for health as we move many many boxes; rolled ankles, twisted backs and torn shoulders are only a box lift away. Finally continue to pray that we can be the aroma Christ as we only have a few to spend with each child.
Cori Crumrine

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