On mission to Moldova


This Christmas season, Texas Baptist college students are taking part in mission trips around the globe. On this blog, we’re going to try to feature two of them. The first will feature posts from Cori Crumrine, a Texas Tech student who is taking boots to orphans in Moldova through CERI’s Boots for Moldova effort. We’ll post as many posts as we can from her during the trip. Check in every day to see what the team is up to. Here’s the first post:

Hello, my name is Cori Crumrine. I am a senior at Texas Tech University and currently serving in Moldova. I heard about Moldova about a year ago through Tech’s BSM and was called to go and work over the Christmas break and again over the summer break. This Christmas I had the opportunity to come back and be apart of CERI (Children Emergency Relief International) as the help give every orphan in the country a new pair of boots.
We arrived yesterday evening on the 13th. We were traveling in a group of about 20 and we all arrived safely and our luggage arrived with us. We are staying in CERI’s Mission House in Chisinau, Moldova, the capital city. This morning the 14th we woke up early and went to church at “Jesus Savior” which is a traditional Moldovan Baptist church. The sermon was in Romanian so I didn’t understand any of it, but I did understand the baptism they had. Over 20 people were baptized this morning and it was really encouraging to see how rapidly the church of Jesus Savior is growing. It is a relatively new body of believers, but is growing so quickly.
After church we ate lunch and then the work began. We headed to the warehouse and began loading 3 trucks with shoes, socks, hats, combs and Bible tracks. It took 20 of us working for about 5 hours to get it all done, but we did it. Part of the group we travel here with left for the north of the country to distribute the boots. Tomorrow will be first day of working with the children and we will also be working at an adult facility.
Please keep my team and I in your prayers as we meet the kids. Pray that we will have the right number of boots and the right sizes. Pray for our safety as we travel to and from each orphanage and that in the short time we are at each orphanage that we will be able to show Christ’s love through our actions.
Cori Crumrine

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