Frank Pollard dies


I just saw that Frank Pollard has died. For those who don’t know of him, he was a longtime preacher on the “Baptist Hour” radio broadcast and a past president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Baptist Press and Associated Baptist Press both have stories.

4 Responses to “Frank Pollard dies”

  1. Ken Coffee Says:

    Frank was my pastor at FBC San Antonio. He will be remembered therte for his remarkable gioft of memory. He was once voted America’s best preacher (Time Magazine). He had the ability to write and memorize sermons like no one I have ever known. He was truly a giant among us.

  2. Taylor Sandlin Says:

    Dr. Pollard was a visiting professor at Truett during my time as a student there. He impressed all of us with his commitment to the gospel, his gentleness towards everyone he encountered, and his love for preaching. He will be missed.

  3. C. Gwin Morris Says:

    Frank Pollard was a frequent speaker at Wayland Inspiration Hour in the 1960’s while I was Coordinator of Religious Activities and a member of the faculty. He was always well received. I appreciated his wonderful spirit.

  4. L.R. Singer Says:

    I was only about 10 years old (1965), when Brother Pollard was our pastor in Dimmitt, Tx. Although it’s been many years, his influence endures. I still remember his sincere, caring manner and the obvious depth of his faith. He is was the best preacher I’ve ever known. I’m saddend to learn of his passing.

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