Praying for the lost and the hungry


In order to share the gospel and reach each person in Texas, Christians must be praying for the people around them. Jane Wilson, who co-chairs the Texas Hope 2010 prayer team, says it excellently when she describes the relationship between prayer and evangelism:

“We learn from Scripture that apart from vital union with Christ we can do nothing of eternal significance. Great movements of God are always the result of individuals, churches and cities being saturated with prayer. Texas will know Christ when Texans seek His face.”

To undergird Texas Hope 2010, an initiative to share the gospel with every non-Christian in the state by Easter 2010, the Baptist General Convention of Texas is attempt to recruit at least 100,000 people who will pray daily at noon for the hungry and the lost in the state.

To join the prayer team, visit Together, we can reach the state for Christ, according to Gus Reyes, the other co-chair of the Texas Hope 2010 prayer team.

“We are attempting to rally 100,000 people to pray every day at noon for the lost and the hungry. Scripture teaches that prayer lays the foundation for evangelism. It opens avenues for us as believers to boldly share our faith. By pulling together Christians across the state in prayer, we hope to lay the groundwork for revival in the state by Easter 2010.”

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