Making a difference in Presidio & Ojinaga


Ed Jennings, director of missions for Big Bend Baptist Association, sent a few of us a note this week about continued efforts there in dealing with recent flooding. You may remember that a great sandbagging effort on this side of the Rio Grand saved much of Presidio, but Ojinaga, on the other side of the river wasn’t so fortunate.

Ed reports that Big Bend Baptists have engaged with the Baptist churches and government officials in the clean up effort involving 400 homes and businesses in Ojinaga.

We have been given Bibles in order to leave a Bible from the Ojinaga churches in each home and business that we give service to,” Ed said. “Lloyd Taylor is our liaison in this effort.Some US churches are beginning to organize mud out teams to come and help. The offering provided by the BGCT was vital in getting this effort going. Our Big Bend Baptist Association churches are making a valiant effort at this time having contributed around $2,400 and items of food and equipment that was destroyed. We have received gifts from other churches outside our association, along with a gift of $2,000 from Border/Mexico Missions BGCT. Even with volunteer labor this is a very costly operation. We are keeping records of those costs. We are building strong relationships in Ojinaga. One of the Baptist Churches there is hosting an important government hospital/clinic, that was flooded. God is using all these efforts for the advancement and cohesion of his Kingdom there. Thank you [BGCT] for being partners with us and with our brothers and sisters in Ojinaga.”

And Ed closed with this: “I believe that your TH2010 visit was very much the providence of God.”

BGCT Executive Director Randel Everett and others of us would not have been in Presidio during the flooding if not for the Texas Hope 2010 effort along the Rio Grande River. God brought a number of blessings, and this is one of them.Let’s continue to pray for and help the churches in Big Ben Association and Ojinaga during this recovery time.

It seems there are so many “disaster areas” right now, but I think God will place specific needs on different congregations’ hearts. It may be Ojinaga or Hurricane Dolly recovery in the Valley or the more widespread Hurricane Ike effort. It’s good to be there for folks when their physical world has been thrown into chaos.

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