Fill out your Annual Church Profile online!


You can fill out the statistical profile and leadership profile for your church online. A link to this page called “Update Church Stats (ACP)” is always on the left hand column of our homepage.

This kind of information allows us to report to you information like this. Thanks to Nancy Powell on the BGCT Associational Missions Team for compiling this report.

2 Responses to “Fill out your Annual Church Profile online!”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    And please tell the truth!

  2. David Troublefield Says:

    The WHOLE truth (e.g., fill in the blank asking about baptisms; if it’s 0, type a 0 rather than leaving the blank empty).

    The staff of the BGCT’s evangelism section can help (when those employees are available one-to-one to local churches, rather than hosting–or planning to host–evangelism events which relatively few can afford to attend and provides little direct needed assistance) if it knows who needs the help–and we, as tithing/CP-contributing Texas Baptists, already have paid the bill for them to do that for us.

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